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Our Purpose

Foremost, this fellowship is organized for the purpose of fulfilling the Great Commission. This is accomplished through the planting of new churches, recruiting of God-called men to the state, the continued support and promotion of missionaries, and in sending young men and women of our state and financial support to Godly Bible Colleges.

This fellowship is also organized for the support and aid of existing Independent Baptist churches through loans, gifts, physical resources and any other means under the Lord’s direction.

Finally, this fellowship is comprised of pastors of independent Baptist churches for the purpose of encouragement, fellowship and friendship.
Our Commission

In Ephesians 4: 11-12, our Lord Jesus talks of the gift that He gave to the churches, one of those being the Pastor. And then in verse 12, the Lord gives the three fold task of the pastor. In a sense, this verse is the Great Commission of pastors.
It says, “For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ’.

1. We are to perfect the saints.

It is our job to teach and preach and counsel and advise and rebuke and instruct. We are tasked with, taking those that the Lord has given us and washing them with the Word. We are to lovingly point out sin, but to constantly try to get those in our church to perfect themselves whether they like it or not.

2. We are to supervise the work.

It can and should be a joyous work but it should be work. If there is no laboring, then there is no work. And that work should be for the purpose of the ministry. We are to take those that we have taught the first stages of their Christian life and prepare them for the work of the ministry. Many times a pastor does all the work himself instead of training others to multiply his efforts.

3. We are to edify the body.

So after we’ve led people to Christ and taught them and preached to them and after we’ve given them instructions about the ministry, then we are to edify ‘by” telling them “good job”. When’s the’ last time you sat down with your Sunday school teachers or ushers and told them how important their service is to your church. Tell them how much they are appreciated and you have created someone who’ll try even harder.

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Philosophy of Fellowship in the Iowa Baptist Bible Fellowship

Q1. Who can become a part of the IBBF

Answer:Affiliation with the Iowa Baptist Bible Fellowship International is open to any Baptist pastor of a supporting Baptist church believing in and adhering to the Word of God, on the basis of our doctrinal statement. A supporting Baptist church is one that financially supports the missions or colleges of the BBFI.

Q2. Are all IBBF churches the same

Answer:The IBBF is not an organization existing for the purpose of giving birth to new independent Baptist churches which, as a result of their being so mothered, would in every detail of belief and practice, be in complete conformity each to the other.
To the extreme contrary, the original intent and purpose was that Baptist churches already born, premillenial and evangelistic and missionary in characteristics, should themselves rather formulate and build upon those three Divine characteristics as the undergirding pillars thereof, a fellowship-type organization through which each such church could give a stronger, concerted expression toward world missions, toward the training of prospective Christian workers, and toward meetings of this nature designed to enhance and promote those two magnanimous purposes.

Q3. What is the Purpose of the IBBF

Answer:1. To carry on unitedly a world missionary program for the purpose of reaching for Christ and training as many souls as is possible.2. To operate a training institution for prospective missionaries, pastors, and other Christian workers for the purpose of more perfectly equipping them in their God-called endeavor.3. To participate in fellowship meetings always and primarily for the express purposes of enhancing and advancing these two espoused causes and secondarily for edifying and strengthening of each other through the preaching of the Word at such fellowship meetings.

Q4. Why does the IBBF have a constitution and By-Laws

Answer:We believe it to be most clear, that a thorough understanding of the meaning of a constitution and by-laws, makes the same not only needed but most desired.A constitution simply means “a clarification in words of that organic tie which is the substance of a given organization; that which constitutes an order.” To that end we need a constitution for this Fellowship. It is to be that which clarifies in words the tie or the substances (in our case, the purpose and intent) of that which makes us a Fellowship-type of organization.Now, the term by-laws simply means “laws to go by; the laws or rules by which every branch of an organization functions; every officer goes by it, and every act of all branches and officers is governed by them.” It is in reality a trailer to the constitution.

Q5. How is the sovereignty of the church protected

Answer:The fellowship recognises the sovereignty of the local congregation and is determined not to allow the surrender or transfer of any of that sovereignty to any ecclesiastical organization. This decision is established and guarded by the pastors of the fellowship by ensuring that they always have adequate means to choose the right officers for the Fellowship.We were driven to this by the strength and power of one word which we each prize so dearly. That word is “autonomous” or “autonomy.” “Autonomy” means “self-rule” or “self-governing.”Inasmuch as every Fellowship church I know anything about loves its autonomy and inasmuch as the directors are likewise cognizant of this fact, you will find as a sort of conclusion to the proposed constitution and by-laws this paragraph:”No article in this constitution or by-laws shall ever be interpreted in such a way as to infringe upon or jeopardize the absolute sovereignty of any and all local churches in fellowship with this organization, nor shall the property rights, the local missionary and practical policies, or the autonomy of any self-governing Fellowship church ever be endangered in any way by this constitution and by-laws or by the Fellowship as a whole.”

Q6. Is the IBBF a Denomination

Answer:The IBBF constitution establishes the organization as a fellowship of autonomous churches, pastors, evangelists and missionaries, not an ecclesiastical organization with centralized authority and control over local churches and ministers.
This constitution provides affiliation to any pastor believing in and adhering to the Word of God and fellowshipping on the basis of the Articles of Faith. Qualifications for officers determine that they be a minister of a church supporting the Fellowship endeavors, believing and practicing the Articles of Faith.


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